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  • 2-D Drawing

    Each logo design brought to CJB is hand drawn first. Following the hand drawings, logo designs are transferred digitally into vector and into a final logo for your company.

  • Mock-Up Drafting

    In short, mock-up drafting is the process of developing realistic samples of how your company's identity is displayed in real-world environments. For example, showing how your logo and messages appear on interstate billboards.

  • Logo Design Trend Research

    Logo design trend research applies the art and time-tested process of finding out what design trends are appropriate for your company's industry, all to give your company's image a fair advantage in marketing and promotions.

  • Multiple Version Design Output Development

    Multiple version design output development applies to creating one particular design item in multiple versions. For example, a special conference that is offered in multiple cities needing a consistent identity, but one that shows a differentiation between each location's conference.

  • Multiple Color Logo Development

    Multiple color logo development is the process of ensuring that a logo is set up to be visually interesting and effective in multiple colors.

  • One Color Logo Development

    Every CJB Designs logo is delivered in multiple color and one color formats. The one color development is the process of making sure that a logo is clear and recognizeable if only black ink were available, or if it could only be displayed in one color for promotional purposes.

  • Text Size Balance

    Text size balance allows for wording to be emphasized while all wording in general is still easily read. For instance, a pleasurable experience will still be achieved with the balance of text on your company's business card, but the smaller text will still be easily readable.

  • Color Management

    Color management refers to how your company will be given a set of colors that build the mood for your marketing and promotional materials. Colors are selected based on the type of communication that you seek, as well as the type of image you already have established with your viewers.

  • Grid Layout

    Grid layout is the process of ensuring that your company's marketing and promotion material contents are aligned properly, ensuring easier readability.

  • Website Coding and Development

    In this case, website coding and development applies to your company receiving custom-developed website features. For example, photo galleries, contact forms, and other features are coded to specific requriements.